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A little Black Book with My Poems inside.

A momentary lapse of reason

9 December 1989
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  • puddletowntom
hi I'm, Tom.
I'm 18.
I attend High School.
I spend too much time on the computer.
I have he greatest friends a kid could ask for.
I'm very open-minded, almost too open-minded for some.
I consider myself a work in progress.
I learn from my mistakes.
The Tom you might know from one time might not be the same Tom you talk to today.
I'm very nice to people and only treat others like i want to be treated.
I would never hurt a girl emotionally or physically.
I really love writing and using Adobe Photoshop.
I love Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Radiohead, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Coldplay, and many more.
I adapt to video games in a quick fashion.
I used to play video games like it was my job.
I don't own any systems anymore and have completely given up playing them at my house.
I'm on Aol Instant Messenger too much ( Screenname: puddletowntom )
Myspace is a evil site ( URL: www.myspace.com/puddletowntom )
I love Coffee and drink it knowing it does no good for me in the end.
I love meat though i do understand how animals are slaughtered for it i still eat it.
The last fact goes to show how dumb of a person and how American i am.
I like to use full sentences and big words when im talking about a topic that interests me.
A lot of stuff that has changed me forever has happened in 2006.
I'm single and I have given up on looking for love, some say it finds you when you stop finding it, I think those people are loons.
I never sit normal and you could almost always find me sitting or perching like a bird on a desk, chair, seat in any place no matter where I am.
I'm sometimes very hypocritical.
I hate a lot of people and If you could hear what I am saying about some people in my mind you would probably agree with me or be completely baffled by the sheer hate shot out of each inch of my brain.
I update from anywhere i can.
I rarely do voiceposts and when i do i rarely listen to them in retrospect 'cause i hate my voice.
Some people say my voice is relaxing and nice but i don't agree with them, just like i don't agree with them on how I look like Harry Potter.

I wrote too much. Bye.